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  1. Lovely post. Not quite sure why/how you're following me on twitter but it's at a rather apt moment. Having had my new life start when I turned 40 in 2001, I'm now faced with the possibility that my husband might leave me - though it's not definite yet and the crisis has only just come to a head, if that makes sense. But 'letting go' is, you are so right, the only thing to do: whether that means we'll work it out or not I don't know but I have to be prepared for the possibility that we might not, and that my dream of a close family life might take a different shape from what I had first imagined. I look forward to reading more posts from you.

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  3. Enjoyed reading your blog, well skimmed through it...not sure how and why you followed me on twitter, but thank you. Also, having shared a similar life experience a decade ago and been through free fall to just pure happiness, all I can say is that many of my personal lists went from a break up list to a life list and one of constantly growing by pushing and experiencing life on the edge. What a fun ride its been! I look forward to reading your posts and hope I can add to them in the future by looking at some of your lists in the future. You should come and have a drink with a few of us kindred spirits floating around in the area.