Saturday, 6 December 2014

#179: Go to a Museum in London

Like my item go to a Museum in Paris, this is on my list as an item I feel like I should do rather than one I particularly wanted to do. One of the reasons I like living in a city like London (or New York) is the culture I can/could be exposed to. But like anything, being surrounded by great art and museums that I can go to at anytime means that I rarely actually go.

With the year getting short I was running out of time to tick this one off my list so when friends suggested we meet up for a drink at Late at the Tate it was the perfect meeting of going out with friends for the evening, with a bit of culture. Some art was seen on this occasion, though admittedly we saw more 'modern' art when we decamped to a bar in Soho.
Modern art: Barbie dolls on the ceiling at a bar in Soho
But a fun evening was had by all.

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