The Master List

Many people have asked whether my list actually exists and if so and what exactly is on it. Below is a small sample of just some of the items on my long (500+) list. Contact me on Facebook at if you'd like me to email you the full list. Feel free to make recommendations at the bottom if you like.

Note: I'm not making the entire list public, as some of the most fun things in life are precisely that which you can't talk about publicly. I also have some particularly dull items on my list that, while meaningful to me, are not likely to interest anyone else.

30 days no coffee COMPLETED
Accept a dare from a stranger
Article about List in Huffington Post COMPLETED
Ask someone for their phone number
Ask someone out
Be an extra in TV/ Film
Be part of a flashmob COMPLETED
Be promoted at work COMPLETED
Be quoted in the press/newspaper for work COMPLETED
Build a fire on a beach
Buy new underwear COMPLETED
Change jobs COMPLETED
Change someone's life for the better
Champagne on the London Eye COMPLETED
Change my hair cut/colour COMPLETED
Clean out closet COMPLETED
Clean house of Ex's things for a fresh start COMPLETED
Complete a crossword puzzle
Dine at the Chef's Table in a restaurant
Dine by candlelight only COMPLETED
Do a 24 hour fast COMPLETED
Do a suduko puzzle
Do something outside my normal comfort zone
Do something touristy; something I'd normally never do COMPLETED
Donate to charity COMPLETED
Drink at The star at Night / London Gin Club
Drink Martinis at The Dukes COMPLETED
Drive a Porche or Ferrari COMPLETED
Eat at Bodega Negra Mexican COMPLETED
Eat at Ceviche and try Pisco sours COMPLETED
Eat at Duck and Waffle
Eat Fish & Chips and Champagne  COMPLETED
Email a friend I haven't heard from in a while COMPLETED
Enjoy a weekend in Brighton with its pier and Royal Pavillion COMPLETED
Fall in Love
Find an interesting ancestor (genealogy)
Find a four leaf clover
Find best Burger and Fries in London COMPLETED
Floss more
Fly a plane
Forget the Ex and move on. COMPLETED
Forgive myself COMPLETED
Forgive the Ex COMPLETED
Get a golf handicap
Get a good tan COMPLETED
Get a manicure
Get blessed by a monk COMPLETED
Get lost in a great book COMPLETED
Get a new job offer COMPLETED
Get my UK passport COMPLETED
Get tweeted/retweeted by someone famous
Take a Scuba diving lesson COMPLETED
Get promoted at work COMPLETED
Get that odd job done  COMPLETED
Get to a certain weight COMPLETED
Get up to date on my health checks/scans COMPLETED
Give someone my phone number if asked COMPLETED
Go Boogie/Body Boarding COMPLETED
Hang out with Rockstars/Go Backstage at a rock concert COMPLETED
Go camping
Go fishing
Go iceskating COMPLETED
Go jet skiing
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Go on a no budget spending spree COMPLETED
Go on a detox holiday COMPLETED
Go on a spa holiday COMPLETED
Go on holiday by myself COMPLETED
GO on a romantic holiday COMPLETED
Go on holiday, come back refreshed and ready to move on COMPLETED
Go paint balling
Go rambling COMPLETED
Go rock climbing
Go rollerskating
Go see Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition COMPLETED
Go skinny dipping 
Go speed dating COMPLETED
Go to a Bikrham yoga class (hot yoga) COMPLETED
Go to a book reading COMPLETED
Go to a cafe in Amsterdam
Go to a farmer's market COMPLETED
Go to a football (soccer) match
Go to a concert COMPLETED
Go to a jazz club
Go to a museum in Paris COMPLETED
Go to a networking event COMPLETED
Go to a pub I haven't been to before COMPLETED
Go to a restaurant I havent been to COMPLETED
Go to a strip club COMPLETED
Go to Broadway Market
Go to Buckingham Palace COMPLETED
Go to a cricket match
Go to Columbia Rd flower market COMPLETED
Go to a farmers market COMPLETED
Go to the Gym COMPLETED
Go Crazygolf/minature golf
Go to Thailand COMPLETED
Go to a professional golf tournament
Go to the Opera
Go to an American football game COMPLETED
Go to Royal Observatory in Greenwich
Go SCUBA diving for first time COMPLETED
Go to the Theatre COMPLETED
Go zip lining
Go to a yoga stretching class COMPLETED
Handle unexpected run in with Ex with dignity (it's bound to happen when I least expect it, right?) COMPLETED
Have a champagne lunch COMPLETED
Have a weekend away COMPLETED
Have a drink at a rooftop bar in London COMPLETED
Have a facial COMPLETED
Have a fish pedicure COMPLETED
Have a bbq COMPLETED
Have a golf lesson COMPLETED
Have an herbal steam COMPLETED
Have a message COMPLETED
Have a pajama party COMPLETED
Have a picnic COMPLETED
Have a spa day with friends COMPLETED
Have a sleepover with friend(s) COMPLETED
Have a dry January COMPLETED
Have a thai message COMPLETED
Have coconut juice straight from the coconut COMPLETED
Help build a habitat for humanity house
Help the homeless
Hike an active volcano COMPLETED
Holiday in a caravan
Host a dinner party COMPLETED
Join an adult sports league COMPLETED
Join the board of a charity
Jump in a pool fully clothed COMPLETED
Keep weight under a certain number all year COMPLETED
Kiss a boy
Kiss a girl
Kiss in the rain COMPLETED
Kiss someone in Paris COMPLETED
Kiss someone in Times Square
Learn how to fix something myself in the house COMPLETED
Learn my blood type COMPLETED
Learn to make risotto COMPLETED
Leave my handprints/initials in wet concrete
Lose 30lbs (2.2 Stone) COMPLETED
Make American PancakesCOMPLETED
Make a time capsule
Make a new friend COMPLETED
Make homemade pasta from scratch
Make my parents proud COMPLETED
Make out in a changing room COMPLETED
Meditate with an old Master Monk COMPLETED
Meet someone famous COMPLETED
Movie night with friends COMPLETED
Not work for 14 days straight COMPLETED
Not date for 6 months COMPLETED
Order the tasting menu at a nice restaurant COMPLETED
Party on a boat
Play a musical instrument
Play badminton COMPLETED
Play strip poker
Plant a tree
Race car around a track
Read a bbc top 100 book and not feel smug  COMPLETED
Read a business book and not feel geeky COMPLETED
Read a chick lit book and not feel guiltyCOMPLETED
Redecorate a room COMPLETED
Re-engage at work COMPLETED
Resign from Job/Change jobs COMPLETED
Rent a convertible car
Ride a moped
Ride a Boris BikeCOMPLETED
Ride a horse/donkey
Ride a motocycle/harley
Ride in a police car COMPLETED
Ride in a Helicopter COMPLETED
Ride a quad bike (ATV) COMPLETED
Ring the builder/electrician COMPLETED
Run/Walk a 10k
Say "I love you"
See a friend I haven't seen in a while COMPLETED
See my parents more often COMPLETED
Send a message in a bottle COMPLETED
Settle the house situation with the Ex COMPLETED
Sign up to be an organ donor COMPLETED
Sing in the rain COMPLETED
Snog a famous person
Speak at an industry event
Spend day pottering round the garden COMPLETED
Spend the night at a friend's house COMPLETED
Stand up on a surf board
Start a journal / blog
Start dating/ 'seeing' someone  
Stay at Manor house or other National trust Property
Stay employed COMPLETED
Stay in PJs all day COMPLETED
Stay up all night COMPLETED
Sunbathe topless COMPLETED
Swim in a lido
Swim in the Gulf of Thailand COMPLETED
Swim in a natural hot spring COMPLETED
Take a cocktail making class COMPLETED
Take a cooking class COMPLETED
Take a day off as holiday, just because COMPLETED
Take a risk: When head says dont do something, do it anyway COMPLETED
Take a spontaneous roadtrip COMPLETED
Take a wine tasting class COMPLETED
Throw a dart at a map and go where it lands
Visit a buddhist temple COMPLETED
Visit Bruges COMPLETED
Visit Glasgow/Highlands/Scotland
Visit London Zoo COMPLETED
Visit Los Vegas
Visit Penzance
Visit Santorini COMPLETED
Visit Wales
Walk for cancer
Walk Hampsted Heath COMPLETED
Watch a foreign movie COMPLETED
Watch a tropical storm come and go COMPLETED
Watch planes land from a hood of a car
Watch the sun set into the ocean COMPLETED
Watch the sunrise COMPLETED
Weigh less than I did 10 years ago COMPLETED
Write a handwritten love letter
Write a proposal for a book


  1. This is simply incredible. You are an inspiration.

  2. Eveyone should do this,just because !! i will do this fromo now on ;) Thanks a million for the great idea !!

  3. Great list and blog. I’m a complete stranger so here is a dare for number 3 on your list – ring directory enquiries and ask for the telephone number for 118 118.

  4. This is great, I've started my own list. Quick tip - you can tick off rockclimbing, karaoke, stand up on a surf board, party on a boat, zip line, ride a horse, take a cocktail making class, a cooking class, have a golf lesson, go crazy golf, kiss a boy, kiss a girl, jazz club, roller skating, ice skating, jet skiing, intro to sky diving, get make up done and manicure all in one go, if you book a cruise ;-) and if you think it's risky and still do it, you can tick that one too. Good luck with your list and let me know if you want a good deal on a cruise

  5. Great list. Good luck with those things still-to-do.
    I did something similar. After my marriage break-up in 2008 I listed my "entire life" for sale on eBay, then set off to travel the world with a list of 100 goals and a timeline of 100 weeks:
    Best wishes,
    Ian Usher

  6. Hey you started following me on Twitter so followed and started reading your blog. How about a Blindfold walk with a Guide Dog

  7. Also can I suggest go to QPR for your football/Soccer match. For cricket, your North London, go to Lords and maybe see Middlesex play someone in the summer

  8. I love this!! Good on you for turning a tough time into an amazing one! I notice having a golf lesson is on your list - that very thing is on my to do list too and you have given me a kick in the butt to get out and do it. Keep having fun and I look forward to reading about your adventures.



  9. just read about it on huffpo -- kudos, my dear. but I have a silly question: you have ticked off a couple of kissing goals, but "kiss a boy" and " ... a girl" remain. who or what, my dear, are you kissing under water and in paris? ;)

  10. This is so inspiring - it makes me realize I have my own bucket list with thoughts constantly floating around and maybe I need to formalize it by writing it down. You've thought of some great ones too - some big and some simple. And I've always wanted to send a message in a bottle. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. I also don't share all my list, so I understand that. We have many in common: flashmob, Give Blood (done), hot air balloon, holiday by myself, opera (done), Las Vegas.
    For recommendations, I get most of mine by thinking of fun things or by reading about/talking to people about their lists. I have most of mine on my blog, you're welcome to copy as many as you want!

    Fly a plane - this wasn't on my list but I got to do it! It's fun.

    fish pedicure - how was that? I heard it feels really strange

    sunrise - did you do that by waking up early or staying up all night?

  12. i shared this list a few years a go with my friends, i hope i can make a new one, maybe now it can be digitalized, and i can share on my phone, if i can get a whatsapp download

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  14. First, thanks for following me on Twitter.

    Second. Wow. Seems like you've done all the hard things already like having a "dry" month, going 30 days without coffee and most importantly getting promoted at work and forgiving your ex and moving on. All the easy things like having a pj party are still left!

    Hey! Two articles on Huffington Post! Wow! how did you do that? Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

  15. You found me on tweeter! I love this!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this. I went through a breakup about three months ago and been struggling with depression since, but finding this list and reading your story has been a huge help. I've made my own list, stealing a couple of your entries, while adding dozens of my own!

  17. I love the simplicity and complexity of this list. I like how you've traveled to Thailand but have yet to ask someone out lol. I recently started a blog to help me get over a six year relationship. If you ever have the time, I'd like for you to check it out. and I am looking forward to incorporating your list idea into helping me move forward as well. Thanks so much!