Sunday, 21 December 2014

#187: Go to a Wine Tasting

Tis the season for celebrations so knowing I had this on my list, I decided to forgo my usual tipple and try the tasting/drinking menu. I had a tasting of 3 sparkling wines: A Champagne (French Sparkling), a Cava (Spanish Sparkling) and an English Sparkling (why hasn’t the British wine industry hasn’t come up with it’s own name, like prosecco, I don’t know.)

 I may not have made it down to an English vineyard this year (another item on my list), but I have to say the English sparkling was a lot better than I expected. Surprisingly, I preferred it to the cava.

English Wine: While Britain, particularly the southeastern parts of Sussex and Kent, has similar soil to that in Champagne region, Britain's cold and rainy weather has historically made it difficult to make good wine. Luckily, the warm weather of recent years has changed that. English Sparkling wine is leading the way and there was recently an English Sparkling that made it into the top 10 Sparkling wines in the world. I have to say I really enjoyed mine.

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