Tuesday, 30 December 2014

#194: Stay employed

In this day and age, while it's difficult to get a job, it can be even more difficult at times to stay employed. I've been very lucky (and I have also worked very hard) throughout my life but these days that doesn't mean much when the bean counters want to make changes.

I work in a cut throat industry that is undergoing a lot of change and, while the company I work for is great, it's no exception. So not only has my personal life been in turmoil this year, my work life has been too.

While I was fortunate to be promoted in June, my company announced yet another restructure in September (the 3rd time in 18 months). My job is under threat yet again, but I've managed to last the year still employed.
I'm not sure how, as I have been admittedly focused on and distracted by my personal life. Some days I hated going to work and frankly am not sure how I made it through certain days in any functional way. But there were many other days that I was grateful for the distraction and for having something that kept me busy and gave me some means of support and pride.

I could have easily wasted the year cowering under my duvet feeling even more sorry for myself. While this has been a tough year, there are many people out there who aren't as fortunate. I know I am lucky and I am grateful to still be gainfully employed. Fingers crossed the new year doesn't end up with my head on the chopping block. But if it does, maybe I'd do something more with that book proposal.

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