Wednesday, 10 December 2014

#182: Go to a Christmas Market

Another thing I like about living in a big city during the holidays is the choice of stores to go Christmas shopping in, from big brand name stores to mom and pop local shops. Top of my Christmas shopping to do list is to visit at least one Christmas Market.

I love these festive and crafty temporary stores which are geared to separating as many people as possible from their dosh in exchange for sometimes-questionable Christmas tat. For me nothing screams 'Christmas shopping' like people bundled up in winter coats and scarves, walking en mass as slowly as my (long dead) grandmother, craning to see whether the goods in the next stall are worth fighting against the stream of people, like a salmon swimming upstream, or whether to continue to follow the slow moving herd. Throw in some cold weather, mulled wine and under cooked bratwursts and you forget that in addition to presents for your loved ones you're pretty much guaranteed to bring a winter cold home as well.

Despite it all, I find Christmas Markets charming and a vital part of the season.

Photo: Southbank Centre

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