Thursday, 4 December 2014

#178: Go to an Ice Bar

One of the things some Europeans do at Christmas time is to go to Santa's Village in Lapland, visit Santa and his real reindeer, see the Northern Lights, go dog sledding and stay at the Ice Hotel, a hotel made entirely of ice, including the beds. Now I'm not a particular fan of being cold, so while that all sounds really romantic and cool (literally), in practice I'm not sure I'd actually like any of it.

But I do like my beverages cold so the idea of visiting an IceBar is something that I felt like I should try at least once in my life. I can report that my Amaretto did not need to be put on the rocks, as it was already -5C. And while I'm glad I tried this, I can say that I'm much more comfortable in heated surroundings with ice in my glass rather than ice FOR my glass.
Top Photo: Franco Caruzzo / Flickr

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  1. I've wanted to go to an ice bar just for the sheer novelty of it. But I'd probably need to go from there directly to get some hot tea just to warm up.