Saturday, 29 November 2014

#175: Black Tie at the Dorchester

The Dorchester is one of London's most famous and luxurious hotels. Located on Park Lane and overlooking Hyde Park, The Dorchester Ballroom is an art deco tour de force that holds up to 1,000 people and hosts some pretty glamorous evenings and events. Now I'm not really a fan of dressing up, but if I have to do it I'd rather go all out and it doesn't get much more fancy than Black tie at the Dorchester.
Attending something like this with strangers making small talk over dinner is not necessarily how I prefer to spend an evening frankly and certainly when I made my list at the start of the year the idea of being able to go out for a night without crying was daunting. But I'm glad to say I made it through the evening and people there would have no idea how hard it was for me. It almost looked as if I was enjoying myself. No mean feat.
Top photo credit: Sofia Andreevna, shutterstock

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