Tuesday, 18 November 2014

#171: Go to a live auction

We've all seen those programs on TV that show people buying things (a house, chair or lamp, for example) at auction. A packed room full of people, placards with numbers on them being repeatedly raised while someone who talks really fast says things that you don't really understand, followed by a few intelligible numbers. And *clack* with a bang, the hammer goes down and is sold to the lucky person with number 121 sign. 

Well, I thought it'd be fun to see what a live auction is like, just to see mind you, not with any intention of buying anything.

The atmosphere got to me however and I saw a lovely little chest of drawers that looked unloved...And like it'd go great in my living room. Unfortunately when it went up for bidding it wasn't nearly as unloved as I thought it might be, but in the end still managed to bring it home without going over my stated (and very limited) spend. 

It was an enjoyable afternoon and certainly a better way of getting furniture than from Ikea.

Photo: Robert Adrian Hillman / Shutterstock

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