Wednesday, 26 November 2014

#173: Visit Wales

For those who are unfamiliar with Wales, it is a separate country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is England's Western neighbour (Scotland being England's Northern neighbour) and is generally a forgotten bit of the UK as far as many oversees tourists are concerned. Many people will be familiar with the fact that Prince Charles has the title, the Prince of Waleswhich is a title traditionally granted to the heir of the English monarch since Edward III in the 1300s. Wales is considered one of the modern Celtic nations and the Welsh language is still used over English in many parts of the country. 

There is a real rivalry between the Welsh and English, sporting and otherwise. Kind of like the rivalry Canadians have of Americans (I'm sure that if Americans considered their Northern neighbors to be rivals in anything other than ice hockey that sentiment would be returned.) Regardless, there's a mutual tension between the English and Welsh. 

My Ex was not fond of the Welsh and therefore never wanted to go to Wales, even though there are many lovely places within 3-4 hours of London to visit and explore. Being freed from that restriction I am now free to visit the country unencumbered by centuries of embedded baggage. I'd like to say that I went to one of the lovely beaches and hiked the beautiful peaks of Snowdonia.  

That would be a lie however. I went to Cardiff. For work. For an afternoon.  Cardiff AfterDark is a sight to see. 

So the good news is I still have plenty more to see in Wales in 2014 and beyond.

Photo credits: stocker1970, eserfa : Shutterstock

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