Sunday, 30 November 2014

#176: Movie Night with Friends

This is something so simple and straight forward, but is something I talk about yet rarely do.

Friend: "Have you seen the trailer for that new movie?" 

Me: "Yes, looks great. Shall we go?"

Friend: "Yes, how about next week." 

Me: "Sounds good, except next week I'm pretty busy. Let me get back to you about the week after." 

And I never do.

Before I know it I'm seeing a commercial about how the movie has come out on DVD; I've missed yet another one.

Now that I'm dating someone, doing movie night with friends is even harder. Finding the right balance between time with friends and a new love interest can be challenging, but one of the lessons I learned from my break up is that I need to make more time for new and old friends. Happily I've managed to carve out two movie nights with friends recently. While the films haven't been great, the time spent with friends definitely has been.

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