Wednesday, 29 January 2014

#206: Go to the Gym

Today I surprised myself. I went to the gym. and exercised. No really, I did. This wasn't one of my "go to the gym, then sit in the steam room' jobs. I'm saying workout gear and running was involved. Me. In a gym.

While I used to be quite sporty when I was in my teens, as I've gotten older I've realised that while I enjoy sports, I need to be distracted when I'm participating in them...preferably with a ball (or puck or other high speed object). I've found that running for running's sake bores me to tears; I don't have the attention span to push through the pain by concentrating on whatever cheesy music I have on my iPhone. Come to think of it, previous gym excursions were ruined precisely by me having to make a playlist to exercise the playlist got made, but my attention span waned and I never did the work out.
So imagine my surprise that I actually went to a gym and not only got on a treadmill but also did some weightlifts/arm work. I'm admittedly out of shape, but considering how little formal exercise I get (I walk around town quite a lot but I dont count that.) I was able to keep going for longer than I thought I would be.

That said, my goals of running 5k and 10k seem like a long way off at this point.

Photo credit: Khakimullin Aleksandr, Zai Aragon / shutterstock


  1. I hope that’s a start of you finally getting back in shape, and that you’re able to maintain it this time. What made you come back to the gym and lift those weights? Whatever it was, it's great that you’re pushing through with this. Cheers!

    Joey Brooks @ Dumbbell2