Friday, 3 January 2014

#198: Make American Pancakes

American Pancakes
American pancakes, or just 'pancakes' to anyone in the US, are just one of those things that you take for granted when you live in the States. Go abroad and you realise that there's a reason they're referred to as American pancakes!

I didn't realise that there were any other kind, but the European version of a pancake is more like a crepe; less dense, more flat and most definitely not a breakfast food. Over here, pancakes are traditionally a sweet dish, commonly served with lemon and sugar.  (At first I was like, 'yuck', but actually they are tasty.)
British Pancakes
It's been years since I made pancakes myself but over the last year I found myself telling my new 'friend' about the joy of pancakes and bacon with maple syrup and I realised that before I begin my January detox, I needed to show my British counterpart exactly what they've been missing all these years.

So off I went to a local store that stocks imported American goods and, armed with my Bisquick and Aunt Jamima, I began the New Year in style with fresh pancakes in the morning.

Mmmm, boy were they good. They were also the last yummy thing I'm likely to have for the next month as I start 30 days of dry January, no caffeine, no red meat diet. 

Wish me luck. I'm going to need it. (Here's hoping that January flies by.)

Photo credits: michelaubryphoto, fasphotographic / Shutterstock


  1. American style pancakes are very popular in Britain now.....but we don't make them out of a box. ;-)

  2. This one made me laugh- and its so completely true! I just found your blog today and will enjoy following your adventures. Ex-pats & bucket lists we have in common!

  3. I like pancakes. These are tasty.

  4. I use bisquick and aunt jemima also. great taste. so light.