Wednesday, 8 January 2014

#7: Lose 30lbs (2.2 stone)

Ok, I'm cheating somewhat here with this entry. I haven't ACTUALLY lost 30lbs (almost 2.2 stone) in 7 days -- That would require hospitalisation and some major surgery! I actually started actively trying to lose weight about 7 months ago, but today I hit my key magic number for the first time!
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Background: In the run up to my birthday last year, I was very unhappy with how much weight I had put on over the years and vowed I'd get fit (or at least fitter) by the time the numbers rolled forward. I had an overall end target weight in mind, but since that number was so large and represented such an overwhelming amount of weight to lose when I started, I cut up my big goal into smaller, more achievable targets to allow me the pleasure and satisfaction of achieving meaningful weight loss, even if I never actually made it to my end goal. It's been a slow and at times difficult process, admittedly helped along a little by coinciding with my break-up 'diet'. Now I just have to keep it off and keep going.

Still have more to go, ideally, but at least I'm back to a relatively reasonable weight for me. Watch this space! Here's to being fighting fit this year...

And while I'm on the topic of salads. There's a funny blog called Women Laughing Alone While Eating Salad. It's brilliant! I can assure you however, that I do not get this level of pleasure out of my greenery.

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