Friday, 10 January 2014

#200: Re-Engage at work

This could also be titled, "Regain My Work Mojo" or, more concerningly, "Become a workaholic again".

I've spent the last almost 20 years working hard at my job and career. In my 20s I was a workaholic, but I knew that was what I needed to do to succeed. My first job out of college I worked at a job in New York City where I regularly worked 100+ hour weeks. I'd pull consecutive all nighters and regularly cancelled my vacations because of work requirements. That said, I was part of the work-hard, play-hard brigade so I enjoyed the free time I had in my 20s in New York as well!

Luckily as I matured and got older I realised what's important in life is not spending more time at the office but in working smarter and maintaining a good work-life balance. It's not just good for your soul, it's also good for business. Too much work makes Jane a dull girl after all.  But the fact was that falling so deeply in love made it easier for me to work less. Falling out of love, however, made it almost impossible for me to work...period.
How I made it through last year employed is a minor miracle. Given how distracted and unproductive I was, the fact that I not only kept my job but was promoted, I'll never understand (but there may be a lesson learned there).

That said, there is only so long that being so distracted goes unnoticed and towards the end of last year, it became apparent that I needed to up my game and pick up the reins more. But until recently I still wasn't really able to; I didn't have it in me.

With the start of the new year, I've returned to work with a new focus and gusto. The fact that I'm teatotal for the month helps, as it means that I'm not rushing off to meet friends immediately after work, so now can put in time after hours to catch up and get ahead. As a result, I've been working until and past midnight most nights this year so far...for the first time in years.  Now, this isn't something I want to make a habit of, but after being out of commission for so long, I'm starting to feel like I'm back in shape and back on top of my game. I get a tremendous sense of personal pride and satisfaction out of my job so it's important part of my new life to be able to regain my form and re-engage with my work.

That said, I'm also looking forward to a time where I'm rushing home...

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