Wednesday, 29 January 2014

#25: Go on a spa holiday

Ok, so admittedly this trip is going to tick quite a number of items off of my to do list and I'm kind of double (or even triple) counting. But it's my list and I write the rules...

In the past while I've always thought the idea of a luxurious spa holiday sounded amazing, I'm normally not so decadent so when push came to shove, I could never justify it. Well, in my current state, I couldn't give a rats xxx about that and just want a peaceful place where I can lose myself, and be pampered and taken care of. I need that at the moment. So I've booked myself in for a detox spa holiday in Koh Samui, where I will be buffed, scrubbed, starved, juiced and detoxed for 9 days.

This is my week's worth of healthy pills/supplements. Looks like I'm pill popping by the hour then...and not in a Full Moon Party way

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