Sunday, 19 January 2014

#202: Spa with friends

Some readers of this blog will remember I enjoy a good spa visit. I've always gotten tremendous pleasure spending time in the tranquil surroundings of a quiet spa. However, except for one ill-advised couples message with my Ex, I have usually done the spa thing by myself...and never with friends.

A few weeks ago however two friends suggested that we take up a special offer from payasugym, where you can get day pass to a local gym/spa at a reasonable price without having to pay a members/joining fee. With pass in hand off we went. It turned out to be a very relaxing and funny afternoon lazing around the sauna, whirlpool, pool, and steam room where we laughed and chatted and generally set the world right.

We then walked home through the Park with a minor detour for 2 glasses of red wine (and a hot lemon water for me...still detoxing and dry Januarying it, thank you!)

What a thoroughly enjoyable day! That's what friends are for!

Photo credit: Robert Kneschke, ajkkafe / shutterstock

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