Friday, 31 January 2014

#29 Participate in a Tea Sharing Ritual

Ok, this one is a little out there and 'new age' for me. I'm not even a particularly big fan of tea; I'm more of a coffee/cappuccino girl myself. But hey, I'm trying new things. Everyone here is so chilled out and relaxed (I can't bring myself to use chilaxed in an actual sentence), maybe they're onto something.

About tea sharing rituals
In the beginning, tea was cultivated and used solely as herbal medicine mostly within temples. Monks began to use tea to teach a respect for nature, humility and an overall sense of peace and calm. In fact, the spirit of the Chinese Tea Ceremony is described as he, jing, yi, zhen which translates to peace, quiet, enjoyment and truth. Monks felt they could illustrate deep philosophical concepts through tea service. It is for that reason that the underlying philosophies of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism blend together through the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Over time, people recognized the health benefits of tea but also its overall enjoyment. Tea ceremonies could be seen in memorial celebrations for both emperors and family ancestors.

Since learning the art of High Mountain Oolong Tea preparation nearly ten years ago, San Bao has been performing Chinese Tea ceremonies. Join San Bao for one of his relaxed and sociable sessions: meet people, exchange ideas and learn about tea preparation and the many health benefits of Oolong tea.

I may have to give up my coffee and caffeine habit after all...

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