Monday, 6 January 2014

#199: Do a budget (and try to live within it)

Zzzzzz. Oh, sorry did I put you to sleep there?

The last year or so of my life was admittedly a tough one but it was definitely made easier because I'm fortunate to be able to (kind of) afford to do the things I've done. I've worked hard (and luckily been moderately successful) over the years which has enabled me to pay to do certain the things on The List. I do realise that not everyone is so lucky.

I've been very conscientious with the money I've earned and over the years always made a point of regularly putting money away, 'just in case'. Call it an emergency fund or saving for a rainy day, but when it started pouring down I was able to let the purse strings out to help bring some needed joy into my life. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can buy a nice holiday and interesting experiences...which over the last year I found was sometimes just enough of what I needed. However, while I did have savings, there were also times recently where I've lived above my means.

Now that I'm feeling better and back on track I want (and need) to start the year off right: literally, figuratively and financially. So I've reacquainted myself with Excel, tracked my spending, looked at my incomings and outgoings and put together a budget that should allow me an occasional indulgent List item while also being financially responsible. It may be a bit boring, but it's a necessary evil that will enable me to save money so that I can spend it on things that really matter.

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