Saturday, 15 February 2014

#211: Walk Hampstead Heath

Situated in North London, Hampstead Heath is a massive 790 acre area of parkland. Rolling hills, streams and swimming ponds make the Heath a destination for nature lovers, runners and dog owners. From vast open greenland to willowy forest, Kenwood House Manor on the top of the hill to Parliament Hill Fields tennis courts, the Heath is an oasis in the middle of bustling London.
It's nearly on my doorstep and yet I have never spent an afternoon properly walking throughout the Heath. This is something that could make me lose my North London residency and is shameful. But because it's close by, I've always taken it for granted; it's something for me to do another day.

 Well, today was finally that day!


  1. I used to live there. The heath is lovely. Now I live in Wiltshire, where there is endless open spaces...endless (maybe too many) ;-)

  2. It's one of my favourite places in London: a stroll along the rolling hills, jumping over tree trunks, soaking up the skyline and then stopping at the Spaniards Inn for the best homemade sausage rolls in town!