Monday, 10 February 2014

#42: Eat no meat for a week

Photos: Kamalaya Spa

I love food so it's been quiet a change for me to be eating so little both in terms of quantity and protein. I also like my liquid beverages, but to be honest, my smoothies tend to be on the alcoholic side, like a Pina Colada, Daiquari or Mojito. These green veggie smoothies aren't really cutting it. I've gone veggie for this whole trip. And every other day I have nothing but water and vegetable broth. On the days I do have something to chew at meal time, the food is delicious. But there's still a very big part of me that feels I'm being cheated. I want a steak and I want it now.

However, my shorts no longer fit me and I have to use a string to hold them up, so something must be working...

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  1. LOVE this!!!!

    Danielle Rogers
    Creator of The Single Connection