Sunday, 2 February 2014

#33: Get blessed by a monk

Wat Kunaram is situated a couple of kms from Hua Thanon in the south-east corner of Ko Samui and is the site of The Mummified Monk. Loung Pordaeng died in the meditation position over 20 years ago and his body is still in a very good state, apart from having sun-glasses covering the fact that his eyes have fallen back into his head, hence the (knock-off) Ray Bans.

While there, I made sure to receive blessings of holy water and string bracelet from the local (non-mummified) monk:

I also had my fortune told by the wish sticks:

You make a wish by shaking the sticks. Which ever one comes out first, check the number and see your fortune/wish will come true.

My fortune read:
You're like a person who got lost in the wood and have to pave your way through the thorns...You'll recover from your sickness. If you're thinking of having a spouse, it's fine to find one.

Hmmm, Interesting...

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