Wednesday, 5 February 2014

#37: Do an Infrared Sauna session

This trip is about detoxing both mentally and physically. As part of my detox program the spa offers a number of treatments, including Infrared Sauna sessions.
Photo: Kamalaya
What is it?
Far Infrared therapy provides deeply penetrating heat while maintaining a comfortable air temperature of 32-45 degrees Celsius. Use of far infrared sauna has many therapeutic benefi ts; it stimulates circulation, increases metabolism and burning of calories, and promotes detoxification to purify the body. This includes a possible reduction of heavy metal accumulation. Far Infrared therapy deep cleanses skin for a youthful appearance, reduces cellulite, and slows the ageing process because it promotes skin cell regeneration and unburdens the body of toxins. Various skin conditions may be treated and joint or muscular infl ammation reduced. The Far Infrared Sauna promotes deep muscle relaxation to vanish tension and stress and a feeling of well-being is achieved.

I wasn't sure what to expect. It's basically like a normal sauna, but your body stays hot for 30 mins after you get out.

Basically, it's an oven and I'm baking the toxins out of me. It's pretty boring to sit still in nothing but a towel for 30 mins but after a few days I'm getting used to it and finding ways of meditating to pass the time. At the very least, I'm really starting to see the benefit in my skin.

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