Sunday, 10 August 2014

#140: Go Body Boarding

The surf in Bude, Cornwall where I went Body Boarding
One of the last things I did with my Ex before we split was to go surfing in Bude, Cornwall. While I never quite made it to standing on a surf board (and found surfing a little too tiring), I did come away from the weekend vowing to get back in the sea more often, and specifically, to go Body Boarding.

Fast forward 11 months and I made it back to the sea complete with wetsuit and Body Board. I had forgotten just how much fun body boarding is. It brought me back to my childhood on the New Jersey shore, jumping to clear waves and paddling furiously to try to make it to the sweet spot where the wave would take me all the way in. (The downside of which was that I had to labour all the way back out to the breaks was so much easier when I was younger!) I'm thrilled to have come back and done this. I highly recommend!!!
Ready to Body Board

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