Tuesday, 5 August 2014

#139: Go to Pride

Photo credit: Marc Bruxelle / Shutterstock
Having lived in New York City and London, I have a wide and diverse set of friends (myself included) and so while I've certainly heard about big Pride celebrations, I had never really been to a proper all day Pride festival before. Having been told Brighton Pride is one of the best and welcoming to gays and straights (and everyone in between), I decided to join some friends for a festive 24 hour summer party and tick this off the list.
Photo credit: Alice Bell
It all started around 11am with the start of the parade, then moved to Preston Park for an all day concert, followed by everybody and their dog going to the Village Street Party on St James’s Street and on to some dance club to be taught how to dance by a group of gorgeous gay men.

There were feather boas and rainbows aplenty. And cake. And even yummy rainbow cake:
And so on this day everyone was gay (as in happy).

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  1. So are you straight,gay bisexual or bicurious?