Tuesday, 29 July 2014

#137: Take a road trip

There's something about long summer days that bring back memories of school letting out and subsequent summer road trips to meet up with friends hours/days away. It's been a few years since I got in the car and went for a long drive with friends/someone special and so I finally made an effort to take advantage of the lovely English weather to do that. And no road trip would be complete without a new playlist or five to keep the journey lively.

Photo credit: alexmillos / Shutterstock
For any good road trip, you've gotta have a selection of music that spans different genres and timeframes, old and new. Music that's upbeat enough to keep awake for long stretches, with some slower songs mixed in for reflective drive-time and to ensure you don't feel like you're in a club. But most of all, it's vital to have a proper amount of the right tunes to sing to. Because it's not really a road trip if you don't have your windows down, screeching out lyrics at the top of your lungs.
Loud rendition of American Girl, anyone?

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  1. Love a good (or bad) road trip. Just jump in the car, take off and always come back with a good story!