Wednesday, 2 July 2014

#125: Have Belgian beer and Belgian waffles in Brussels

Belgium and Beer. They are synonymous. For such a small country, Belgium has an incredible number of breweries and different beer styles. On top of this, many bars often offer a choice of hundreds of beers on their menu, with The Delerium Cafe in Brussels lists over 2,000. There's a reason that the country is known as "Beer Paradise".

While I didn't make it to Delerium, I did go to that other Brussels institution, Le Roy d'Espagne, situated on the corner of the Grand Place and tried a range of beers they had on offer. I was surprised by the raspberry beer which made for a refreshing drink in the afternoon sun.

The other thing Belgium is known for is its waffles.
I've long heard about the wonder that is a proper Belgian Waffle, but I doubted that there would be much difference between a 'Belgian' waffle and a waffle from, say, Camden Market. But I put it on my list so that I could find out. And boy I'm glad I did. Unlike traditional american waffles which are eaten at breakfast, Brussels waffles are for desert and are hard and crispy on the outside and lighter and fluffier than a traditional waffle. I tried one that was so good I had to have another one (the next day) at a different place to make ensure it wasn't a fluke. I can confirm they were very tasty indeed.

On top of all that beer, I foresee a diet in my future.

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