Monday, 21 July 2014

#133: See Starlings circle West Pier, Brighton

Photo credit: dutourdumonde / Shutterstock
Large numbers of starlings arrive from as far away as Scandinavia to join their native cousins in Brighton when they come to roost. The flocks, which can swell to as many as 40,000 birds at the peak in Autumn and Winter, can be seen in the evening over West Pier as they perform their spellbinding aerial show known as ‘murmuration’.

Starlings feed up to 20 miles from their roost, returning each evening. In late afternoon feeding flocks join together to form large pre-roost gatherings in places where the birds can get one last meal before nightfall. At dusk, birds from these gatherings fly, often in a swirling cloud-like formation, to the roost.

It's a sight to see.

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