Tuesday, 8 July 2014

#128: Go to a concert (at the Roundhouse)

Growing up where I did in New York / New Jersey meant that I was spoilt for choice when it came to seeing live music. If a band or singer was on tour, they passed through the Tri-state area and as a teenager weekends in the summer generally meant going to see whomever was in town, whether or not I was a big fan of their music or not. I loved music, but for me the most exciting part was everything that went on around a show: The smug feeling of having tickets to a sold out gig, the anticipation of how much fun my friends and I would have, the fun in the car park 'tailgating', meeting, drinking and hanging out with total strangers for a night and everything else that went with being unsupervised and young.
Time travel forward a number of years and I find myself living in the music hub of London, yet I rarely actually venture out to one of the myriad of bars/clubs to see a show. Even more pathetically, one of London's best concert venues is literally on my doorstep and I have only crossed it's threshold once in the all the time I've lived nearby.
Photo: Lucia Hrda
So when I put my list together I knew a 'must-do' was to see a concert, ideally one at The Roundhouse. From modest Victorian beginnings – beginning life in 1846 as a steam-engine repair shed – to legendary cultural venue, the Roundhouse has an enviable heritage. The Grade II* listed building is an amazingly intimate venue to see a concert.

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