Saturday, 31 May 2014

#110: Do something completely out of my comfort zone

Photo: Alex Lentati / Evening Standard

As you may have gathered, Balls are not something I'm particularly familiar with. Apart from a few fancy dances in my teens, I have tended to avoid posh frock situations -- especially ones where floor length gowns are the norm. So what better way to cross off 'Do something out of my comfort zone' than to attend a fancy military members club's Coronation Ball.

My dance card -- I'm serious.

Being from New York, I'm familiar enough with certain protocols to know generally what not to do in certain situations and so when a colleague's 'plus one' dropped out he thought I wouldn't embarrass him too much (at least not unintentionally, he joked). Under normal circumstances, I would have politely declined and happily stayed home to wash my hair or scrub the toilet, but knowing I could cross this off the list I forced myself to dress up all pretty like and join in.

Boy was it posh. I heard accents I've only heard on TV from the royal family. (There may have been relatives in attendance.) But it was also a laugh: Bag pipers, toasts galore, and singing (I felt like I was at last night of the proms) not to mention bowling, dancing, photo booths and fancy dress costumes. I'm not saying it's something I'd like to do every weekend, but as an American (and now also Englishwoman) I appreciated the pomp and circumstance in celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation. God save the Queen indeed.  
*Can I get back in my jeans now, please? 

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