Friday, 23 May 2014

#104: Hike an active volcano

Photo : Klearchos Kapoutsis

Santorini is an extraordinary island in the Aegean and is home to Greece's last active volcano. The entire center of the circular island sank into the sea during the tremendous volcanic explosion of 3,500 years ago. The eruption caused tidal waves which virtually wiped out the advanced Minoan civilization of Crete, 70 miles south. What remains today of Santorini is the large crescent shaped island enclosing a west bay, the largest caldera on earth (7 x 14) miles. After a short boat trip, a steep 30 mins walk will take you to the rim of the crater on the island of Nea Kameni, which features many amazing lava formations and fantastic views of Santorini’s cliff top villages. The volcano still smoulders (slightly) today.

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