Monday, 28 April 2014

#239: Go to a fancy dress party

Otherwise known as a costume party, fancy dress parties are much more common in the UK than in the US, at least amongst my circle of friends. Over here, people are known to have fancy dress boxes and even whole sections of a wardrobe dedicated to various fun fancy dress outfits, wigs, glasses, hats, etc worn over the years. And unlike Americans, the English don't take themselves too seriously when doing it either. Americans tend to like to look smart and/or sexy. The British don't care about how they look, they just want a good costume and to make sure they aren't the only one dressing up.

I went as a 60's Hippy in this costume: (Note: This is not me)
 Photo credit: Top: Shutterstock


  1. I'm so glad you followed me on Twitter so I could find your blog. I love this idea and what you've written about. I've just returned home after two weeks in London and I'm moving back with my family over the summer, can't wait to be there permanently. And yes, I agree about your assessments between Americans and Brits regarding dress parties.

  2. That's interesting! It's a good idea to dress in this way for a fancy dress party.

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