Tuesday, 8 April 2014

#77: Find the best burger in London

As an American, and particularly a New Yorker, I take my burgers seriously. There's just something about the right type of burger, seasoned properly, with good cheese, bun and accessories (pickle, lettuce, & tomato) that for me equates to happiness on a plate. This is doubled if paired with good skinny fries as well.

I've been searching for a place in London that can compare to my favourite NYC burger, The Corner Bistro Burger, and am happy to say I've found it at Lucky Chip. Fortunately for me, there's one near where I live. This new knowledge however might have implications for how my new wardrobe will fit in the future.

above: Lucky Chip burger and fries. below: Corner bistro burger

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  1. I love corner bistro in NYC.....will have to try lucky chip next time I'm in London. I'm a bit late to your blog, but enjoying reading through your posts. X