Monday, 24 March 2014

#227: Send a message in a bottle

My message in a bottle

I've read a number of articles/research that suggests writing a letter to your (former) loved one and burning it or tearing it up and throwing it away. Basically the idea is to get any residual things you may like to say to your Ex down on paper and then literally let it go. Having forgiven my Ex, I found that I really don't have too much bottled up anymore so I thought a different twist to the 'professional advice' would be to send a message in a bottle as a figurative 'letting go' ceremony, if you will. So I thought of what I wanted to say, tossed the bottle as far as possible into the retreating current and watched silently as the tide carried it and my message out to sea. While it seems like a really cheesy thing to do, now that I'm writing this down, I have to admit there was something cathartic about it and I did feel like a weight was lifted after having done it.

Some local thai fisherman probably picked the bottle/message up and put it in his trash, but I like to think that the bottle is still bobbing around the Indian ocean on its own quiet journey.

Note: while the environmentalist in me recognised that this was in fact chucking garbage into the ocean, I felt this was extenuating circumstance -- and for the record spent some extra time cleaning up other litter on the beach in recompense. 

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