Wednesday, 19 March 2014

#68: Go to a film festival

London is full of cultural events showcasing different areas of the arts, especially film. For years I've heard about how great the BFI's lesbian and gay film festival was and this year a friend got tickets and invited me to go.

The Londonist website writes that this "annual celebration of LGBT cinema from around the world … promises a diverse selection of talent from both well-known directors and emerging voices". A Gay Times blog says: "The programme is stuffed with treats. Divine, David Bowie, Spanish romps, Asian thrillers, Swedish boys sharing baths, black and white re-runs, cutting-edge documentaries, and, of course, the latest from James Franco's on-screen gay tourism endeavours."

Straight or Gay (Lesbian, Queer, Bi, or Trans), last year more than 21,000 people attended the event. It's easy to see why.

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