Wednesday, 12 March 2014

#221: Take a yoga stretching class

I’m trying to find an exercise that I both like, relaxes me and doesn’t soak up every single last ounce of energy I have. I know everyone says that running or going to the gym releases endorphins, but I don’t feel like that after a workout. I just feel drained and exhausted. There is no ‘high’. If exercise is suppose to release endorphins, mine have gone AWOL and are on the lam living under an assumed name. I don’t have enough energy to go find them. So I do what I do best after a work out and take a nap instead. Even if I’m at work. My body will just shut down regardless of where I am. This generally rules out morning and afternoon weekday work outs…or work outs in general.

I know I need to exercise more but dosing off at my desk is probably not the way to make a good first impression when I start my new job so I need to find something that is both good for me and leaves me with something left in the tank. So I decided to try a different type of yoga, one that specifically focuses on stretching. I have to say it worked for me. It’s a good combination of meditative and just active enough to give my body a workout. I'll definitely try again.

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