Saturday, 18 October 2014

#162: Go Snorkeling

As I mentioned in my previous post on trying to SCUBA dive, while I'm not a fan of pure swimming, I really enjoy swimming with fish. I'm not a great swimmer and to be honest when I tried Scuba, I found that my tendency to panic when my head is under water didn't subside when I was hooked up to oxygen. The class was a lot of fun, but I realised I'm happier when I can raise my head and breathe actual air. I can go snorkelling and enjoy most of what I'd get from proper diving, just not is such exotic locations like deep shipwrecks/etc.  Keep me close to shore thanks! It works just fine with my tendency towards boat sickness as well.

So we spent a few hours bobbing on the surface with big and little fish. Certainly beats being behind a desk at the office.

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  1. I got PADI certified and did my first dive trip recently! I am far from a "natural", but loved it in my own slightly hyperventilated fashion. Best of luck!